Welcome to Family Financial Credit Union’s new Blog!  Yes, we are finally joining the ranks and ramping up our online presence.  Why?  You, our members, are online.  We started with our new web site, and now we’re jumping right into Blogging!

What can you expect to read?  We plan to offer you valuable financial insight, tips, and information from a few unique perspectives here at FFCU.

So, how about a first tip?  The Holidays are right around the corner!  Start putting away whatever little extra cash you can afford and decide on a realistic budget for gifts with your partner that you’ll both adhere to.  Realistic being the keyword here!  We all want to be the Holiday hero, but if you end racking up debt, you may regret it later.  If you really want to be the hero and it’s not in the budget, remember there is always next year!

We would love to hear from you…and what brightens your day! So please share your thoughts and comments…We look forward to having you along for the ride!