The purpose of an in-school credit union branch program is to assist young people in the development of personal finance and employ-ability skills. Often referred to as a student credit union or student-run credit union, in-school credit unions are established as a financial education partnership between a credit union and a school or school district. While the scope and operation often vary depending on needs and resources, facilitating in school branches gives students the opportunity to learn money management skills as they make account transactions at school, often coupled with additional financial education. Most in-school credit unions are also student-run, providing an additional benefit of developing career, math and organizational skills to the students involved in the operation of the branch.

FFCU has been involved with running the Reeth-Puffer High School’s Student Run Credit Union for four years. Being involved in education and teaching students to be good directors with their money has become a high priority for Family Financial Credit Union. We want to increase the knowledge of today’s youth regarding money management and financial products and services through the use of presentations on savings, budget, credit and other financial management topics. Also, to teach the student volunteers life-long employment skills such as organization, human relations, cash handling and teamwork is a must!