I’m sure you’ve heard about some of the benefits of our checking accounts here on our website or from our wonderful tellers, but do you know of the fees that can be incurred because of overdrafts on checking?

What if I told you that there might be a cheaper alternative to the Non-Sufficient Funds Fees(NSF) on FFCU’s Fees & Charges page?

We offer a Line of Credit that attaches to your checking account, depending on the amount you qualify for, that can be used to cover any overdrafts on your checking account. It has an 18% interest rate, but that is much cheaper if you find yourself being hit with multiple fees because of NSF.

Automatic payments for bills that come in before your payroll? Your Line of Credit can help cover that balance for you and tide you over till your paycheck comes in. Then paying it back is super easy! You can transfer it back to the loan online, or head to your nearest branch and pay it back in person.

Ask about applying for a Line of Credit at your local branch today!


—  Barb