In this day in age, more and more people are switching to online/mobile banking to do all their day-to-day finances. With e~alerts FFCU can help members monitor and manage their finances. It’s easy to opt in to receive FFCU e~alerts! You can choose and customize the account alerts you want to receive for FFCU checking, savings, credit cards, and ATM/debit cards.

To sign up for e~alerts log into your online banking

-Click settings
-Select e~alerts
-Follow prompts

What e~alerts should I set up for my account?

We recommend setting up the following e~alerts.

  1. Deposits or withdrawals that exceed a specified dollar amount
  2. When your password changes on your online banking
  3. When your account drops below a specific amount
  4. When any ATM/Debit/Credit card purchases occurs

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