It’s an exciting year at Family Financial Credit Union. We are celebrating our 75th Anniversary! Our Credit Union was founded by the employees of Sealed Power who were committed to helping their fellow employees gain access to a fair financial institution to save and borrow money. Since then, the Credit Union has seen high membership growth and much has changed in 75 years, but more importantly our values and mission have always remained the same.

As we leave 2017 we can look back at the year with great pride. The staff at Family Financial CU have been very busy making sure the newest and best products are available to you.

As we begin 2018, this milestone provides us the opportunity to reflect on years past as well as look towards our future.

In celebration of our 75th year, we would like to recognize and thank all of our members, past and present. Without you, Family Financial Credit Union would not be what it is today, a financial institution focused on the philosophy of “people helping people”.

Hope to see you at our 75th Annual Meeting in March!

Best regards,

Deb Dietz, CEO