A Christmas Budget 🎄

Christmas is nearly upon us and the countdown is on. With workplaces shut down, hours cut, and social gatherings limited, this holiday season is sure to bring new trials and tribulations.

With us all singing “Jingle Bells, 2020 Smells” let’s buckle up and check out a few ways we can save this holiday season!


When many hear the word budgeting, they might feel a little intimidated. Have no fear, we are here to help!

  • Start by making a list of those you feel you need to buy presents.
  • Work down the list. NOW CUT IT IN HALF! Not all gift-giving has to be done. I know sometimes we feel obligated to buy, but remember, Christmas is just as much about the memories and the thought then it is about gifts and presents!
  • If you are wracked with guilt by present cutting, think of new ideas that can come from the heart and not break the bank. Think, home-made, DIY projects! From a batch of cookies, a Hot Cocoa “Snow Globe”, to grand-baby artwork, there are so many ways to make Christmas meaningful without breaking the bank.
  • Make sure that when you are going through this list, you determine an overhead price you are willing or want to spend. Divide this down your list, and make a price for everyone.
  • Change your spending habits: If you are like me, coffee in the morning is a must. Let’s take a look at Biggby and Starbucks. If you are an avid coffee drinker and you love to swing through for a daily pick-me-up, remember: A tall Latte from Biggby is around $4.59 for a 16oz. If gotten daily, this equates to around $32 a week, not include tip (J). Cutting back just a little on this delicious treat could save you the money needed for Christmas. Reserve the latte for once a week, or as a special treat, and you will watch the Christmas budget grow! This method can be applied to any spending, from takeout to clothes, a holiday budget might help you look into some of your other spending habits!
  • Now that you have a solid plan for this holiday season, discipline is key. Stick to the budget, remember the budget, be the budget!

Looking to next year, FFCU offers free Kasasa checking accounts, Christmas Club Savings accounts (A great way to get ahead on holiday saving!), and Visa credit cards!

This year is different for us all, limiting social gatherings and changing the way we shop. Stick to the Christmas budget, monitor your checking and credit accounts through https://ff-cu.org/ and our mobile app.

If you ever have a question regarding your account, from possible fraudulent charges, to simply checking a balance, our wonderful Call-Center ladies are available to help Monday-Fridays, 8 am-6 pm, or swing through any of our locations!

Stay Safe & Happy Holidays!

Riley Hicks ❄